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Whiteness Forum

Whiteness Forum


Sponsored by the Department of Communication, The Whiteness Forum is a student-driven critical  conversation about the myriad ways that white supremacy manifests in our systems, structures, and daily practices. The Forum will be held on May 6, 2021 between 12noon and 2pm. It is a come and go affair so please drop by!

Only by critically analyzing how white supremacy continues to separate our society can we work together to eliminate institutionalized racism and move forward to the realization of the foundational principles of equity, justice and freedom for all. While anti-racist, the Forum is not “anti-white.” The aim of the Forum is to produce critically thinking people who can help improve our democracy for all citizens through an honest appraisal of where we are currently as a society.

Due to the nature of the subject matter, the Whiteness Forum has a CAMERA ON policy. Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Lies Our Teachers Taught Us: The White Narrative

    Historical narratives can challenge and/or reproduce White hegemony. In Trump’s America, the idea of “patriotic education” (I.e., the 1776 Commission) developed in response to the idea of making Ethnic Studies mandatory in K-12 education and to the 1619 Project which centered slavery in the grand narrative of the United States. We have progressed but institutions that were built on white domination still remain and are perpetuated through historical perspectives, all of which are protected by the system of Whiteness.

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  • Eradicating Voter Suppression in America to Ensure Equality for All

    We will discuss how from the foundation of America to now, voting has been systemically racist. We will showcase the history of how white supremacy has tried to have been maintained through voter suppression and how it’s evolved into its present form.

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  • Sin of White Supremacy

    Christianity has been used as a tool to weaponize white supremacy in America. It has the ability to trigger discrimination, highlight division and hate resulting in race groups going against one another. White supremacists feel entitled to power by using Christianity because of the role the religion has played throughout history. These matters are important for the reason the Christian religion is supposed to involve love, kindness, and forgiveness, however, these are not the concepts that we see being practiced. White supremacists are using Christianity as a shield to protect themselves and justify racism.

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  • “Calm Down, It’s Just a Joke”

    In our forum we plan on showcasing stereotypical and racist jokes that have been said both IRL and online and how they may seem harmless to white folks but can actually have lasting repercussions on people of color and also how those jokes are a way off subliminally implicating the idea of whiteness and white supremacy.

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  • Legacy Admissions: Reproduction of the White Elite through Education Not Fornication

    We will be discussing how universities especially in the Ivy League, promote white privilege and the white elite in society through legacy admissions.

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  • “School’s Out For...People of Color”

    How American education has benefitted white families leading parents of color to feel more comfortable keeping their students at home.

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  • Two Deadly Pandemics: Combatting COVID-19 and Racism Against Asian Americans

    We examine the spread of White supremacy against Asian American communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We further analyze and critique the ways in which the Asian community have been racially scapegoated, scrutinized, and manipulated by discourses.

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  • Scientific Racism and the Dark Side of Eugenics

    In the early twentieth century, the United States was the leading country in eugenic science, modeling the racial purification ideology of the Holocaust. Since its inception, eugenics has had a grave impact on communities of color that persist today.

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  • Behind the Scenes of Making America

    Often, the American education system loves to teach students that the construction and evolution of the United States was all thanks to the white men that took over the land to build upon. However, what is rarely ever acknowledged is the fact that most of the country’s construction, evolution, and success was created on the backs of African Americans, Mexicans, and Chinese. Without the labor of these people, the U.S. would not be what it is today. Join us to learn more!

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  • White Rage: White Nationalism and Mob Violence

    Historical and modern analysis of White America's violent mob responses to minorities’ calls for equality.

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  • Healthcare? More like “White-care”

    We will discuss the healthcare system and the disparities people of color and marginalized groups face. We primarily focus on the difficulties people face when coming into contact with a healthcare system that predominantly caters to white people, especially (but not only) during the COVID pandemic.

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  • Our Anti-Racist style is HOT, and White Supremacy's Not

    We examine the effects of the digital divide on private schools and children.  "Our style" meaning everything about us, we are working for social change, we dress good, we take ourselves seriously and we are anti-racist.

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