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Disciplinary Courses

The Women’s Studies major and minor reflect the interdisciplinary foundations of women’s and gender studies in their breadth requirements. The following courses in other disciplines are accepted for credit in our major and minor. For course descriptions, see the CSUSM 1008-2010 General Catalog.

*when content focuses on women and/or gender

Courses in Other Disciplines
Course Course Full Name
BIO 327  Biology of Human Reproduction
COMM 435  Communication and Gender
ECON 341   The Economics of Women and Men
ECON 445  Gender and Development
HIST 316  Gender and Authority in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIST 327   Women in Modern Europe
HIST 331 Law, Women, Family, and American History
HIST 332 Women in the United States
HIST 355  Women in Latin America
HIST 367 Women in China
HIST 383 Women and Jewish History
HIST 384 Women in the Middle East
ID 340 Diversity and Discrimination in the U.S.
ID 340B Diversity and Discrimination in the U.S.
LING 381 Language and Gender
LTWR 330* Poetry
LTWR 331* Fiction
LTWR 333* Drama
LTWR 334* Film
LTWR 400* Author Studies
LTWR 410* Global Literature I
LTWR 420* Global Literature II
LTWR 430* Major Periods and Movements
MATH 304  Women and Mathematics
PSYC 350    Psychology of Women 
PSYC 352   Human Sexuality  
PSYC 356   Developmental Psychology:  Adulthood and Aging
PSCI 391  Gender and Public Policy
PSCI 445   Gender and Development
SOC 303 Family and Intimate Relations
SOC 305 Sociology of Women
SOC 307   Human Sexuality 
SOC 315  Gender in Society  
SOC 337  Women and Organizations
SOC 406  Women and Crime
SOC 353  Social Change and Social Movements
SOC 415    Divorce and Remarriage   
SOC 416   Families in Poverty
SOC 417   Family Violence  
SOC 419   Inequalities and Health
SOC 424 Women and Health
SOC 437 Feminism and Justice
SPAN 410*  Author Studies
SPAN 415  Hispanic Women Writers
SPAN422*   Chicana/o Literature
SPAN 422S* Chicana/o Literature
TA 323    Power and Popular Culture
VSAR 322*   Women Artists in the 20th Century
VSAR 326   Feminist Art and Motherhood
VSAR 420*   Contemporary Artists