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Quick Help

What is quick help?

Open Hours: M-Th, 9am - 6pm; F 9am - 2pm

Quick help is fast and easy writing support on Microsoft Teams. Quick help can assist you with questions about:

  • the OWCs services
  • making an appointment
  • grammar
  • word choice
  • formatting
  • and so much more

You should probably consider our other one-on-one services (like chat, voice, video, or email tutoring) instead if you have questions

  • that involve sharing more than a paragraph
  • that involve sharing your instructor's materials or name
  • that invovle sensitive material

If the tutor or assistant recognizes that you would benefit from another service, they will recommend it!

How to Do It

  1. Sign into Teams and the Online Writing Center in Teams
  2. Go to the "1. Quick Help" channel
  3. Post a question about writing or the OWC's services
  4. Post another question if you have one!
  5. and another
  6. and another
  7. ....
  8. and write on!

When signing into Teams

To access Teams and other Office365 apps navigate to When logging in, please use your Microsoft log-in:

Google Log-in: 
Microsoft Log-in: 

For the best experience, download the Teams application, available for all devices.

To learn more about Teams

Check out the following helpful information:

  • Basics of Teams chat
  • Viewing a document while chatting. If a tutor uploads a document, click on it to view it within Teams. At the top right-hand side of the document, click the chat icon to resume chat while working with the document.

After you sign out

Send feedback about your experience with Quick Help to We strive to always improve our services! 

Write on!