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This summer, we will be offering a limited number of webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 1pm.

Viewing our Webinars

The Next Webinars:

Our last live webinar for the summer session was August 5. If you need to attend a webinar for class credit after August 5, please watch one of our recordings. Please keep in mind that the deadline to view webinars is set by your instructor.


If you missed a webinar, don't worry! You can watch a Zoom recording, with transcript, by clicking below.  You will need to register to view the recording, as this helps us track your visit. You can also find relevant resources linked here.

To register, click the webinar date/title that interests you.

Please include your real name (first and last), university email address, and student ID number.  If you are attending for class credit, please also fill out the class and instructor fields. This helps us ensure your instructor gets that visit data.

If you choose to do or assigned one of the quizzes, you will need to be signed in to your Google acount (Cougars/Gmail) to complete it. If you receive a message about needing permission, sign in to your CSUSM Google account and try again.

Future Webinars

The calendar shows our currently-scheduled webinars for this semester. Check back soon for more options!  Feel free to register ahead of time for a date that works for your schedule.