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We offer a variety of workshops each semester. Each work is typically 50-minutes and offered during U-Hour, but keep a look out for other workshops dates! From each, you can expect a quality and fun presentation, a chance to apply the lesson to your work, and resources to take with you.

Our workshops cover many topics. Some of these include:

Personal statements for scholarships, personal statements for graduate school, This I Believe essays, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, research projects, and more!

Comma splices, fused sentences, fragments, sentence structures, subject-verb agreement, and more!

APA, MLA, CSE, Chicago, and ASA!

Writing Process
Braistorming techniques, revision techniques, editing techniques, paraphrasing, discovering your writing process, working with research, and more!

Critical Thinking
Finding fallacies in your reading, avoiding fallacies in your writing, how to deconstruct a text, identifying assumptions, structuring an argument, and more!

To request a customized version of the workshops, please submit your inquiry to or select Request Our Services under Faculty & Staff.