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Research-based Talking Points – Stuart Grant

ART=OPPORTUNITY is a campaign highlighting arts literacy as vital to student success. This is why:

Preparing for the Workforce:

Arts literate students:

  • are creative students who can think outside the box, take risks, be flexible, and innovate.
  • know how to cooperate and collaborate.
  • can problem solve.
  • are sought-after as employees and set higher career goals.
  • have proven leadership capacity.

Active engagement in society/life:

Arts literacy:

  • gives students voice to participate in learning and to tell their stories.
  • opens doors to developing empathy, kindness, and cross-cultural understanding.
  • provides students with hope and resiliency.
  • leads to civic engagement and lifelong arts participation.

Better Educated:

Arts literate students:

  • consistently have higher test scores in reading and math. ART=OPPORTUNITY
  • consistently have better attendance in School K-12.
  • are more likely to pursue and succeed at post-secondary education.
  • are engaged and motivated.
  • have deep critical thinking skills.

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