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Community Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee

CEFAC Membership

Standing Members:

Christopher Bickel ('15-’17)
Heidi Breuer ('15-'17)
      (CHABBS - HA)
Ana Hernandez ('15-'17)
      (CEHHS - SoE)
Lori Heisler ('15-'17)
      (CEHHS – SHSHS/SoN)
VACANT (’16-'18)
VACANT ('16-'18)
      (CHABSS - BSS) 
VACANT ('16-'17)
VACANT ('16-'18)
VACANT ('16-'18)


Michael McDuffie
      Senate Chair
Patricia Prado-Olmos, VP
      Community Engagement
Scott Gross, AVP
      Community Engagement
Jodie Lawston
      Engagement Scholarship
      Faculty Director
Laurette McGuire
      Civic Learning
      Faculty Director
Kendra Rivera
      Service Learning 
      Faculty Co-Director
      Office of Internships
      Faculty Director

The purpose of the committee is to identify ways in which CSUSM can work collaboratively to build strong university-community partnerships anchored in the rigor of scholarship, and designed to help build community capacity as well as contribute to classroom pedagogy and future scholarship and creative activity.