Defensive Driving

Driving a vehicle has its inherent risks. The Defensive Driving Program is a state requirement developed to provide instruction to individuals for driving safely.

• All State employees (staff/faculty/volunteer/student employee) who drive a vehicle on official State business must successfully complete the Department of General Services approved Defensive Drivers Training (DDT) course at least once every four years. Further, the CSU Vehicle Use Guidebook requires that each employee satisfactorily complete an approved Defensive Driving course and maintain a good driving record.

• A University vehicle is defined as a motorized device for land transportation owned, leased, or rented by the University, State or any State agency, including and not limited to automobiles, trucks, golf carts, etc.

• Current Defensive Driving certification is required for an employee to collect reimbursement for rental car expenses and for mileage while driving a personal vehicle. Drivers must also have a valid driver’s license and appropriate insurance coverage. 

• University Police serves as the initial point of contact for accident reporting.

Volunteer Registration Form

Defensive Driving is not just for CSUSM employees. If you are a CSUSM volunteer please fill out the volunteer registration form.

The 4 Step Procedure to Certification

Step 1: Register for Defensive Driving Training

To register for the Defensive Driving course you must register for the course  through the Employee Training Center (ETC). Login through the portal using your campus credentials.  After you login, you will need to click on the My Requirements link on the left hand menu to see all of you required training.  From this link you can launch and take both of the required online Defensive Driving courses (2-hour). Click on the yellow folder icon to open the catalog and launch the courses.  (If you have already completed the course, your 'Status' will list the date when you last completed the course.)

You do not need to complete the training in one sitting.  You may leave the training at any time and when you return, the program will bring you back to the last section you completed. Go to the Employee Training Center now if you wish to complete the web-based training.

To register for the defensive driving course you must register through the Employee Training Center (ETC) and choose a date on the calendar that suits your schedule. After you log into ETC you will need to click on the My Requirements link on the left hand menu to see all of your required trainings. If you wish to register for the IN CLASS instructor led course (2 hour), you can click on the Schedule link on the left menu and you will be able to locate and register for the desired date.

Step 2: Before Class

Before class you must submit the required paperwork via email or drop in Craven 4700.

The required paperwork consists of two specific forms and a copy of your driver's license.

STD 261
1101 Form

*If forms are not submitted, you will not recieve the credit for the course or your proof of certification.

Step 3: Go to Class

You will receive a reminder prior to the class. If for some reason you do not then you can go to the Training webpage of the RM&S website.

Step 4: Proof of Ceritification Card

After the class, you will recieve your certification card. Certification will be good for 4 years. If you do not recieve your proof of certification you will not receive credit for the course.

What if you cannot go?

If for some reason you cannot take the defensive driving course then you can apply for a waiver. After you request for a waiver you are obligated to go to the next course the following month. No exceptions.

Reciprocity for Other Defensive Driving Courses
If you have recently been certified through another California State University or State of California agency, RMS may be able to waive the initial requirement to be certified through our campus. Participants can submit a copy of their certification to RMS for consideration. If reciprocity certification is approved, participant will be subject to the regular four year re-certification requirement.

Contact Information:
Risk Management & Safety
Located in Craven Hall 4700

Contact Information
RM&S is located in Craven Hall 4700

Program Administrator
Bruce Bradley

Administrative Assistant
Heather Zarnesky