Chemical Spills

DIAL 760-750-4502 or 911 (FROM CAMPUS PHONES) after business hours for Chemical Emergencies

  1. Alert people in immediate area of spill. Increase ventilation in area of spill (open window, turn on hood).
  2. Wear proper protective equipment (safety goggles or face shield, gloves and long-sleeve lab coat). Avoid breathing vapors from spill.
  3. Confine spill to small area with adsorbent materials. Use appropriate kit to neutralize and absorb inorganic acids and bases. For other chemicals, use appropriate kit or adsorb spill with vermiculite, dry sand, diatomaceous earth, spill pillows (stored in the labs) or paper towels.
  4. Collect residue, place in container, label container, and call RM&S at 760-750-4502 for disposal information. 
  5. Clean spill area with soap and water.