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Fall 2012 - Elevator Safety, Distracted Walking, Halloween Safety, Bicycling at CSUSM, Top 10 Safety Issues, SWMP, Risk Management, Training 

Summer 2010 - IIPP, Heat Preparedness, Fireworks Safety, Driving Tips, Snakes, Petting Zoo's

Spring 2010 - GESA Award, IIPP, Online Drivers Training/Traffic School, Earthquake Tips, Reporting Safety Concerns

Fall 2009 - H1N1 Virus, Domestic Student Travel, Holiday Cooking Tips, Pet Safety

Summer 2008 - Water Shortage, Total Case Incident Rate, Life of a Safety Specialist, Snake Safety, Governor's Safety Award

Winter 2007 - Holiday Fire Prevention, Life of a Workers Compensation/Risk Analyst, Ergonomic Tips, Holiday Recycling, DHS - Chemicals

Fall 2007 - GESA, Sustainability, Chemical Waste, Blackberry Ergonomics

Spring 2007 - OSHA 300 Log, Back Safety, Headaches

Summer/Fall 2006 - Paper Shredder Alert, Safety Award, Cert Classes, Household Haz Waste, Hot Day Tragedies, Reducing Risk

Spring 2006 - Workstation Ergonomics, Eyestrain and Computer Use, Back Injury Prevention, Crossword Puzzle (Answers)

Holiday 2005 - Odors on Campus, Holiday Decorations, Thumb Damage, Leaving CSUSM, Flu Links

Summer 2005 - Fireworks, Carbon Monoxide, Snakes, EPA, Aerial Lifts

Fall 2004 - West Nile Virus, Hearing Loss, Holiday Food Preparation, Back Injuries, MSDS

Holiday 2003 - Holiday Decorations, Holiday Food Preparation, Driving Tips

Summer/Fall 2003 - Gel Candles, Cell Phone Dangers, Kids n' Computers, Heart Attacks *SPECIAL*

Winter/Spring 2003 - Static Fires, Child Safety, PPE, Dangerous Plants, Odors 

Spring 2002 - Trash Handling, Ether Storing, Risk Management

Winter 2001 - Holiday Decorations, Food Preparation, Refrigerators, Anthrax

Fall 2001 - Halloween Safety, Yoga, Ergonomics, Club Drugs

June 2001 - Snakes, Bugs, BBQ's, Fume Hoods, Safety tips, Sun Tips

March 2001 - Candles, Truth About Nuclear Energy, Ergo.