Welcome to the Women's Studies Department at Cal State San Marcos!

Women’s Studies focuses on the social construction of gender and explores the roles and contributions of people of all genders in societies around the world, past and present. Women’s Studies also seeks to understand how sex and gender is related to other aspects of social identity and stratification, including race, ethnicity, culture, social class, sexuality, nationality, religion, ability, and other factors that have dramatically shaped people's lives.

Women’s Studies majors include students of all genders. Students in our courses receive a quality liberal arts education. They learn about a wide range of academic approaches that have emerged in such diverse areas as literature, psychology, economics, the sciences, sociology, history, anthropology, the arts, communication, and many others.

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Women’s Studies Department Office:
Social and Behavioral Science Building 4105B
Tel: 750-4108

Krista Gutierrez,
Administrative Coordinator
Tel:  750-4108
Fax:  750-4111
Email:  kgutierr@csusm.edu

Sheryl Lutjens,
Department Chair
SBSB 4241
Tel:  750-8021
Email: slutjens@csusm.edu

"[Majoring in Women's Studies] was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I feel that a degree in WMST is the perfect major for a career in people skills, team building organization, and research." - Women's Studies Graduate