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Energy Management and Utility Services

Energy Management and Utility Services

Palm Court

At Energy Management and Utility Services, our goal is to create the most comfortable, reliable and efficient environment for students, staff and faculty while maintaining required safety protocols.  We manage energy efficiency measures that help us achieve those goals while saving tax dollars.  Our department is responsible for carrying out some of the CSU system’s loftiest initiatives including reducing water consumption, meeting carbon neutrality and promoting energy resilience.

California State University San Marcos’ main campus footprint has grown by 90% since 2006 to over 1.6 million gross square feet of built space and the number of FTEs have increased by 75%,  while the utility energy intensity per square foot has decreased by 57%. These efficiency gains have contributed to a 44% reduction in GHG emissions, in line with the campus’ goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2045.

Every day our dedicated staff makes sure CSUSM is lit, climate-controlled and operating at peak efficiency so our campus community can focus on their important work!