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CSU Sponsored Legislation

The following are proposed bills that are sponsored by the CSU Board of Trustees for the 2017 legislative session.

  • AB 422 (Arambula) CSU Authority: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degrees. This bill authorizes the CSU to permanently offer the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.
  • AB 819 (Medina) CSU Regulatory Authority. This bill permanently grants the CSU the authority to draft its own regulations. Since 1996, the CSU has been granted statutory authority to adopt, amend or repeal its own regulations instead of being required to follow the Administrative Procedures Act, which governs the regulatory process for state agencies (Education Code 89030.1). The CSU’s authority has been extended four times with the most recent extension set to expire on January 1, 2018.
  • SB 363 (Senate Banking and Finance Committee) Financial transactions: loans and deposits. This bill provides a modification to the California Government Code that allows the CSU to deposit operational funds for study abroad programs in local accounts in certain foreign countries where there are no banks with FDIC insurance or an equivalent.