Aníbal Yáñez-Chávez

Aníbal Yáñez-Chávez
SBSB 2-230

Aníbal Yáñez-Chávez is an interdisciplinary scholar who received his PhD in Latin American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

At UC Berkeley he studied Agricultural & Resource Economics, City & Regional Planning, Geography, History, and Economics. His dissertation, Development and Crisis: Geographical Industrialization in Coahuila and Mexico-U.S. Economic Integration, received the Hubert Herring Award from the Pacific Coast Council for Latin American Studies.

At CSU San Marcos since 1992, Professor Yáñez-Chávez has developed and teaches courses on world regional geography, US-Mexico border studies, immigration and education in the USA, cultural anthropology, economic anthropology, and visual anthropology.

He has been an advisor for public art projects and documentary films on the US-Mexico border, and has had various creative collaborations with visual and performing artists in the region. He is a reviewer for the journal City & Society, as well as reviewer and translator for Latin American Perspectives and the Journal of Latin American Geography. He is the editor of Latino Politics in California (La Jolla, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego).

His research interests include questions of race and class in the Americas, understanding transformations in the geography of North America, the ethnomusicology of diaspora communities in the USA, and contemporary ethnographic practices that are between art and anthropology.