Electronic Portfolio: TaskStream® Portfolio

  1. Log onto Task Stream (www.taskstream.com)
  2. Obtain your subscription by following the directions under "Subscribe Now."  Be prepared to pay for your subscription using a credit card. You may enroll for as little as one semester or as long as five years. You may reinstate your subscription or add onto it at any time. (Help Sheet for Registrations Steps may be downloaded).
  3. During the registration process, be sure to identify yourself with the California State University System: San Marcos. This will place you in our pool of students to be assigned to your cohort or instructor. It is critical that you register according to your instructor's deadline so you can be moved into your group at one time. Check with your instructor for the TaskStream code appropriate for your program.
  4. It will take a few days to make your subscription active. If your professor has not given you a due-date for subscribing --- after which the account will become active, be sure to notify your professor that you have signed on. Making the account active with the correct portfolio shell (Direct Response Folio or DRF in Task Stream language) requires an administrative process.
  5. After your account is active, go to My Programs
  6. Under "Programs I am enrolled in," click on Multiple Subject Program, or whatever DRF has been assigned to you.
  7. Click on the tab at the top entitled "My Work."
  8. Under "Directed Response Portfolio," select CSUSM Multiple Subject Portfolio. You should see a navigational bar with directions that say "Select Item to Edit." Click on the TPE you are responding to. A window that indicates to add/edit requirement with the name of the TPE listed will appear near the center of the screen.
  9. Click on the Add/Edit button the right side. A new window will emerge as the "Content Editor." Notice that along the top of the window are tabs indicating what you want to insert or edit.
  10. Click on the "text" button to add your narrative. All other additions such as pictures (images) or attachments can be added at any time. Experiment with how this is done. You can always delete the results of your experiment.

Narrative - Your Story