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SAMBA Foundations Program in India

Students from India who have completed a three year Bachelor’s degree may be considered for the SAMBA program by completing one of two options:

  1. To do the Foundations Program in India at SMOT Chennai or St. Mary’s College Hyderabad, followed by the 12 month SAMBA program in the U.S.
  2. To do the Foundations Program at CSUSM directly, starting in June, followed by the same 12 month SAMBA program.

In addition:

  1. Students who elect to participate in Option 1 are recruited and vetted by SMOT and St. Mary's using several factors including GPA, CAT scores, ability to pay, English language skills etc.
  2. Vetted students apply to CSUSM through our partner at You may download the application from their website.
  3. Those students who meet minimum eligibility requirements will receive a formal acceptance letter for a September start if:
  • They take the GMAT by June 15th and achieve a score of 500+
  • Complete the Foundations program through SMOT/St. Mary's and achieve a B average in the program
  • Students report GMAT scores to CSUSM by July 14
  • St. Mary's/SMOT report a provisional grade in the Foundations course (after 8 weeks of 12 week program)
  • By July 15th, CSUSM's final admission letters and I-20's reach students who can take them to their respective consulates for their Visas