General Education Committee

The GEC meets every Tuesday from 11:30 - 1:00 in MH 421.

Committee Members 2014-15:

Ibrahim Al-Marashi --Social & Behavioral Sciences Representative

Lori Heisler -- Education, Health and Human Services Representative

Julie Jameson --Math & Science Representative

Yvonne Meulemans -- Library Representative

Joely Proudfit -- Social & Behavioral Sciences Representative

Marilyn Ribble -- Social & Behavioral Sciences Representative

Marshall Whittlesey (chair) --Math & Science Representative

ex-officio members:

Regina Eisenbach -- Dean Academic Programs 

Andres Favela -- Student Affairs Representative

Dawn Formo -- Dean Undergraduate Studies

Vonda Garcia -- Student Affairs Representative

Virginia Mann -- Curriculum Specialist - Academic Programs

Mads Nilsen -- Student Representative

Melissa Simnitt -- Assessment Specialist

If you are a faculty member and have an interest in filling vacancies on the GEC, contact Adrienne Durso, Academic Senate Coordinator, at 760-750-4058.

If you have questions regarding General Education or the submission of courses for GE credit, please contact the Chair or the appropriate Area Representative.