Vivienne Bennett

Professor, Border Studies
PhD, Latin American Studies
University of Texas, Austin, 1987


Teaching: Water politics; border water conflicts; Mexican political and economic development; the U.S.-Mexico border.

BRS 453: Border Water Conflicts
GEOG 305: The U.S.-Mexico Border

Research Interests:

  • Mexico/U.S.-Mexico Border/Latin America: Politics of water; business responses to progressive reform; gender and water management
  • Mexico's political history
  • California water policy
  • Business response to reform in Latin America

External Grants: 2007. Open Society Institute, for "Enduring Reform: Business and Activist Responses to Progressive Civil-Society-Based Reform in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Mexico." Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Jeffrey Rubin (Boston University).

Consulting: Mexico Advisor to the San Diego County Water Authority (2008 to 2011).

Selected Recent Publications:

Rubin, Jeffrey W. and Vivienne Bennett (Eds.). Enduring Reform: Progressive Activism and Business Visions of Change in Latin America's Democracies. University of Pittsburgh Press (forthcoming).

Bennett, Vivienne, Sonia Dávila-Poblete, and María Nieves Rico. 2008. "Water and Gender: The Unexpected Connection that Really Matters." Journal of International Affairs, Spring/Summer 2008. PDF

Bennett, Vivienne, Sonia Dávila-Poblete, and María Nieves Rico (Eds.) 2005. Opposing Currents: The Politics of Water and Gender in Latin America. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

Bennett, Vivienne. 2002. "Different Managers, Same Problems: Public versus private management of municipal water services in Monterrey." In Whiteford, Scott and Roberto Melville (Eds.). Protecting a Sacred Gift: Water and Social Change in Mexico. La Jolla: Center for U.S.-Mexican studies, University of California, San Diego.

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