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Language Learning Center (LLC)

Note: The LLC is closed Until January 23.

Welcome to the Language Learning Center!

Students do not need to be enrolled in foreign language classes at CSUSM to use the LLC. We are welcoming, informal and supportive. Tutoring is available via appointments and drop-ins!

We also offer:

  • Workshops
  • Study & Practice Sessions
  • Conversation Cafes
  • Guest Speakers
  • and Resources

Go to LOTER for Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER).


The CSUSM Language Learning Center honors diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  The Center collaborates across the university and in the surrounding communities to meet the needs of our students.   We provide a rich, inclusive, caring environment that complements and supports best practices in language learning.  We are dedicated to maximizing student linguistic abilities and multiculturalism through a commitment to academic rigor and academic communication.   Our Center inspires students to become independent and confident contributors to their own learning and that of others. 


Kellogg 1107
(760) 750-8058

We are part of
Undergraduate Studies.

We collaborate closely with
Modern Language Studies.