We are welcoming, informal and supportive.
We develop language skills
and general study and learning skills.
Students do not need to be enrolled in foreign language classes at CSUSM to receive assistance.
We offer:
~Foreign-Language Tutoring in: Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and ASL
~Advising for the Graduation Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER)
~LOTER Proficiency Exams (in almost any language)
~Spanish Placement Exams (for 101-202)
~Academic English Tutoring for Bilingual and Heritage Language Students
~English Presentation & Conversation Partners for Bilingual & Heritage Students
~Resources (including loaner textbooks)
~Open Foreign-Language Computer Lab (see hours)
~Related Support for Instructors.

 The LLC is one of the Centers for Learning & Academic Support Services (CLASS).
We are part of the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
We collaborate closely with the Modern Language Studies Department.


Mon 9-5
Tues 9-5
Wed 9-5
Thurs 9-5
Fri Closed
*Evening tutoring too! Email us.*

Kellogg 1107
P (760) 750-8058
F (760) 750-3313