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News and Deadlines

LTWR Graduate Student News and Deadlines

  • 3rd Annual Spring Humanities & Arts Graduate Conference!

The third annual Spring Humanities & Arts Graduate Conference will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2018. The theme of the conference is Civil Discourse: The Journey So Far. Check out Spring Humanities and Arts Graduate Conference for more details about the upcoming graduate conference and information about how to participate! For any inquiries regarding the program or to volunteer, please contact

  • Congratulations to New Graduate Representative!

Please join me in welcoming our new Graduate Representative, Jen Strawser! Jen will be representing the graduate students for a term including Spring 2018 & Fall 2018, along with Elizabeth Roush, who is completing her term ending after Spring 2018.  Please contact either of them if you have questions or concerns or suggestions that you would like to see addressed at a department meeting, at the Graduate Representatives Council, or with the graduate coordinator.

  • Congratulations to Rebecca Sterling!

Congratulations to Rebecca Sterling, who recently defended her thesis, “Monstrous Journeys: The Horror of the Failed Female Hero’s Journey in Carrie and Ginger Snaps” (directed by Prof. Rebecca Lush). Rebecca’s thesis is an insightful analysis of the way films frequently punish female hero figures who do not conform to societal expectations about menstruation and adolescence.  Great work, Rebecca!

  • Congratulations to Joyce Jacobo!

Congratulations to Joyce Jacobo, who recently defended her fabulous creative thesis Los Byblos: Thesis Edition (co-directed by Sandra Doller and Mark Wallace), last week!  Her thesis was a hilarious metafictional narrative featuring the Reader and the Author—what a fun project! Well done, Joyce! 

  • Congratulations to Melissa Hurt!

Congratulations to Melissa Hurt, who recently received one of the Hein Family Fellowship awards! Wonderful work, Melissa! 

  • Funding for Thesis-Related Materials and Conference Travel Expenses

The LTWR Department has funds to help currently enrolled M.A. students in good standing—that’s YOU—pay for the costs of materials related to your thesis project or for conference travel.  

 What this means:

  • If you need books, films, or other academic resources, we can buy them for you on the department account! Get materials you need without having to spend your own money—up to $200 worth—and you keep the materials!
  • If you ALREADY BOUGHT stuff that relates to your thesis, we can reimburse you—all we need are the receipts!  Up to $200 worth!
  • If you want to go to a conference or workshop, we can reimburse you for up to $400! You have to fill out some forms in advance, but they aren’t hard to do, and Kristin Bebout will help you! NOTE: Conference travel applications must be submitted at least two months in advance of the conference!  If you plan to travel at all during the 2017-2018 AY, go ahead and apply now!

 Applying is EASY: Send Heidi Breuer an email with the following info:

a) amount and specific materials requested,
b) brief explanation of how materials and/or travel is related to your thesis work, and
c) name of thesis chair, if you have one. 

That’s it!  Apply today!

Applications accepted from NOW until March 15, 2018 (or until we run out of money)—get your application in soon for best consideration!

  • Introducing the Schmidt Scholarship for Incoming M.A. Students!

The LTWR Department is thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Schmidt Graduate Scholarship in Literature & Writing Studies, available to incoming students starting in Fall 2018.  Two incoming students will be selected for a $2000 scholarship to be distributed during the first semester of the M.A. program.   

Recent Graduates

Congratulations to our most recent M.A.s, who successfully defended their theses in 2017!

Rebecca Sterling, “Monstrous Journeys: The Horror of the Failed Female Hero’s Journey in Carrie and Ginger Snaps” (directed by Prof. Rebecca Lush).  

Joyce Jacobo, "Los Byblos: Thesis Edition" (co-directed by Prof. Sandra Doller and Prof. Mark Wallace).

Nicole Corrigan, "(Re)Writing, Recuperating, Resuscitating the Biracial Figure in the Works of Nella Larsen, Toni Morrison, Robin Coste Lewis, and Natasha Tretheway" (directed by Prof. Catherine Cucinella).

Mari Lopp, "Dark Matters: Representations of African American Inequality in American Literature and Culture" (directed by Prof. Rebecca Lush).

Rachelle Fitzgerald, "Bodily Translation: A Journey in Poetry from Spanish to English on a Foundation of American Sign Language" (directed by Prof. Sandra Doller). 

Rebecca Tracey, “Pedagogy of Peace: Mindful Transition Spaces for Student-Veterans in First-Year Writing Classes” (directed by Prof. Catherine Cucinella).

Caitlin Egan, " ‘Hell is a Teenage Girl’: Monstrous [Im]Perfection in Contemporary Horror” (directed by Prof. Rebecca Lush).

Mark Noble, “Video Game Presentism: The Digital Now and Identities of Interactive Media” (directed by Prof. Ken Mendoza).

Joseph Deragisch, “Confessional Writing in First Year Composition Classrooms” (directed by Prof. Heidi Breuer).

Kristin Bebout, "Shattered Walls and Silent Screams of Conscious Machines:  Gender, Women, and the Emergence of Posthuman Androids” (directed by Prof. Rebecca Lush).