Field Education

Field Education at CSUSM is an integral part of the translation of social work knowledge acquired in the classroom into practice skills and competencies required to perform social work practice directly with a range of populations in the community. In the field students learn direct practice intervention skills needed to work with disenfranchised and un-served individuals, families and small groups. Through field experience students learn how to integrate multicultural practices into their work with clients in way that represents the diversity of the region, taking into account diverse client attributes such as age, culture, class, ethnicity, gender, disability, religious/spiritual, and sexual orientation.

The regions of focus within the CSUSM Department of Social Work include the entire area encompassing San Diego County, with particular emphasis on North San Diego, South Riverside, and Orange Counties. Field training sites include schools, family service and child welfare agencies, child guidance and mental health clinics, medical as well as psychiatric units of hospitals including veteran's programs, and in forensic settings.

Field Education at CSUSM exposes students to the inextricable link between social welfare and social work practice and the broader social contexts of socioeconomics, population demographics, political systems; and how regional, national, and global factors affect and inform direct social work practice.

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