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GEW Agenda Form

If your GEW 101 instructor requires you to visit the Writing Center, you need to complete an agenda form and bring it to your session. The questions on the form help you identify the specific things you want to work on in your tutoring session. After the session, staff sign and stamp your form, which you submit to your instructor as verification of your attendance. 

Most GEW instructors use the form listed below, but some instructors have their own versions. Please check with your instructor to get the correct form for your class. The Writing Center does not provide these forms!

Check This Out: The Writing Center Works When You Work!

Statistics from Fall 2013 show clearly that GEW students who come to the Writing Center get A's more and F's less.

Graph of GEW grades

The blue line above shows that A's and B's were the majority of grades among students who visited the Writing Center. The orange line shows that A's and B's were a minority of grades for students who didn't come to the Writing Center.

Satisfactory GEW grades and Writing Center attendance

Above you can see that almost all students who visited the Writing Center got a satisfactory grade (C or better) in GEW.  In fact, only 12% got below a C. But among students who didn't come to the Writing Center, a large number fell below C level. Actually, 38% of those students got grades below C.

Writing Center and All GEW grades, Fall 2013

Finally, in this breakdown of all grades received, you can see that Writing Center visitors' grades indeed tend toward A and B. Actually, 34% of visitors got A's in GEW, but only 12% of non-visitors got A's. Among non-visitors, F's and other non-passing grades outweigh any single passing grade! 

What does the Writing Center contribute to GEW performance? Several things. First, the students who make a commitment to come to the Writing Center are also the students making a commitment to their educational performance overall. Next, students who come to the Writing Center and work with our consultants receive confidence-building guidance and assurance that THEY CAN DO IT, and they take that confidence home with them. Finally, it appears that the secrets of college writing--that separate good high-school writers from good college writers--are difficult to learn without one-on-one discussion. Writing Center consultants (AND professors, of course!) provide that personalized discussion that may get students over the "hump" between a C grade and an A grade.

What are you waiting for? It's always a good time to visit the Writing Center. Don't wait until an assignment is due!

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