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Accounting Scholarship Impact Stories

Austin Winsett

My name is Austin Winsett, I’m an accounting major and I will be graduating in Fall 2021. I have always worked and been a student since I was 18 years old to pay for my education and all of the related living expenses while I have taken classes. My we family and I have never had much money, so it is difficult to even explain how helpful it is to receive an accounting scholarship in support of my education. It is a huge help financially and also a great morale boost to know that local professionals and businesses are rooting for you and your success. This scholarship allowed me to worry less about bills and focus more on studying for awhile, and it was also very reassuring to me that my hard work will pay off.

- Austin Winsett '21,  Intern, Lavine, Lofgren, Morris & Engelberg, LLP 

Sarra Salib

I received the Accounting Department Scholarship during the 2015 and 2016 Spring Banquets, and to this day, I am grateful to have been rewarded financial assistance that helped open so many doors for me down the road. Since then, I am proud to say that I have had a fruitful career, and I am back in academia where I intend to stay for the remainder of my career.  

-Sarra Salib, CPA, MSA '16 , Accounting Doctoral Student, Texas Tech Univ.

Omar Ahumada

I have been blessed to receive two scholarships while attending CSUSM. One of them allowed me to be able to pay for International Accounting over the summer. Taking the class over the summer brought my graduation date down from Summer 2021 to this Spring. Without the scholarship, I would have had to pick up an extra part time job to pay for the class and materials. This would have been impossible due to the time constraint that comes from working a fulltime job and being a single parent.

The second scholarship was a study course to take the CPA exam. This will help me after I graduate to pass the CPA exam. Becoming a CPA brings me closer to my goal of being a self-sustaining adult who is an active parent in their son’s life. These scholarships allowed me to deal with the challenges I face of being a student who is also a working single parent. These are just two ways that the scholarships bring hope to students. The support from the donors help others with similar challenges.

- Omar Ahumada '21,  Audit Intern, Newman HOA CPA

Alisha Blush

My CSUSM Accounting Scholarship gave me something more than assistance with my tuition- it validated my hard work and inspired me to reach for more. I have since completed my master’s in accounting and am working on a PhD in accounting. It all started at CSUSM with the support of my professors. I am forever grateful to those who have contributed to my success. Thank you!

- Alisha Blush '19  Gaduate Research Assistant,  Louisiana State University