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Rooted in Culture, Rising in Knowledge

Photo collage of four images showcasing AI/AN students at the American Indian Graduate Honoring Ceremony, posed on outdoor stairs in a professional portrait, holding blue hearts for a giving day image, standing in front of a California's American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival backdrop

Give Online:

Donations can be made through the CSUSM secure online giving server. Please select "California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center" in the drop down menu.

Your generous donation empowers the CICSC to provide multifaceted support to our American Indian students, including:

1. Research and Professional Development:

Your contribution enables the funding of staff positions within the Center, facilitating research and professional growth opportunities for American Indian students.

2. Financial Support for Education:

Your support directly contributes to funding the education of American Indian college students, alleviating the financial burdens they may face.

3. Culturally Appropriate Mentoring and Leadership Development:

Your donation helps us offer culturally sensitive mentoring and leadership development programs tailored to the unique needs of American Indian students.

4. Tribally Relevant, Tribally Involved Education:

With your support, we can continue to provide education that is both relevant to tribal communities and actively involves them in the learning process.

Here are some tangible examples of the impact your donation has had:

1. Groundbreaking Education Report:

Your support made possible the creation of the inaugural "State of American Indian Alaskan Native Education in California" report, shedding light on crucial educational insights.

2. Language Preservation with Technology:

Your contribution has facilitated the preservation of the LuiseƱo language through innovative technological solutions, ensuring that this cultural heritage endures.

3. Empowering Student Researchers:

By funding student workers, your donation empowers the next generation of educational researchers, fostering their growth and contribution to the field.

4. Dedicated Grant Writer and Research Assistant:

Your generosity allows us to employ a grant writer and research assistant, who play pivotal roles in advancing our educational initiatives.

5. Community Engagement through Events:

Your donation supports tribal community outreach efforts, including events and conferences, which promote dialogue and collaboration within tribal communities.

6. Celebrating Achievement:

With your help, we host an annual American Indian graduation honoring ceremony, recognizing, and celebrating the academic achievements of our students.