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Tribal Task Force

Tribal Communities Initiatives Task Force consists of faculty from across all colleges, disciplines, administrators, and staff who are working with tribal communities in San Diego County.

Thre are four Task Force meetings per year; two held on a local reservation.

Task Force projects:

  • Meetings between School of Nursing faculty and staff and the Native American Research Centers for Health staff at Indian Health Council in Rincon
  • California Indian Day Planning Committee
  • Revived activity on the Lee Dixon Indian Scholarship and got Dixon family connected
  • LuiseƱo language transferability fulfilling Language other than English Requirement
  • Tribal Archeology Monitor Course
  • Support the Memorandum of Understanding with the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel
  • Forum on Strategizing for American Indian Student Success granted by North County Higher Education Association
  • Native Heritage Month Programming
  • Hosted the Dream The Impossible Native Youth Conference 2009

Tribal Task Force members:

  • Jocelyn Ahlers CoAS, Liberal Studies
  • Bonnie Bade CoAS, Anthropology
  • Staci Beavers CoAS, Political Science
  • Tim Bills The Clarke
  • Garrett Collins IITS
  • Regina Eisenbach COBA
  • Nathan Evans Director of Office of Admissions & Recruitment
  • Dawn Formo CoAS, Assoc. Dean
  • Marsha Gable Assoc. Director of Outreach Programs
  • Shasta Gaughen CoAS, Anthropology
  • Joseph Keating COE
  • Kimberley Knowles-Yanez CoAS, Director of NLRC
  • Cheryl Leen Library
  • Suzanne Lingold Director, Temecula Center
  • Minda Martin CoAS, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Michael McDuffie COE
  • Judith Papehausen School of Nursing
  • Rajnandini Pillai COBA, Director of CLIMB
  • Joely Proudfit CoAS, Native Studies Director
  • Garry Rolison Diversity and Equity Coordinator
  • Al Schwartz CoAS, History
  • Deborah Small CoAS, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Thomas Spady CoAS, Biology
  • Patricia Stall COE
  • Darci Strother CoAS, Community Service Learning
  • Darlene Suarez CoAS, Anthropology