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California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC)

California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC)

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The CICSC fosters collaborative research and community service relationships between the faculty, staff, and students of CSU San Marcos and members of Tribal communities, for the purpose of developing and conducting research projects that support the maintenance of sovereignty and culture within those communities.

Core Values

Responsibility: To support political and economic development, education, health and wellness, media and film, language preservation, and natural resource management.

Reciprocity: To reinforce collaborative research fostering indigenous research methods

Respect: To champion sovereignty and cultural preservation

Relationships: To create and sustain communication between tribes and scholars

About US

Here at the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center, we welcome you to join us any day of the week. We offer great resources that will help you navigate your academic journey. Our atmosphere is calm and suiting for students to come in and study. We have a cozy lobby area where students can gather to converse and do homework. We also have a workstation for students which contains computers.

Every day, fellow students are here to lend a helping hand, from discussing daily life situations, creating mentorship, long lasting friendships, and other aspects of student life activities.

Feel free to join in the fun while helping the community today!

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