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2011-12 Civility Champions

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Civility Champions! They are:

Veronica Anover (Staff)
Lillian Atuatasi (Student)
Janet Barajas (Student)
Shana Bass (Faculty)
Josh Byrd (Student)
Caitlin Coppock (Student)
Laura de Ghetaldi (Faculty)
Jan C. Fajardo (Staff)
Kristina Fiscus (Student)
John Halcon (Faculty)
Kali Holt (Student)
Madison Howe (Student)
Jennifer Lynch (Faculty)
Danielle McMartin (Staff)
Marcelo Mundo Jr. (Student)
Shannon Nolan (Staff)
Olmos (Student)
Patricia Prado-Olmos (Staff)
Donna San Miguel (Staff)
Arthur Silverstein (Student)
Cipriano Vargas (Student)
Mercedes Wilson (Staff)
Travis Wilson (Student)

Featured Civility Champions

Madison Howe

Madison Howe - civility champion

Nominated by: Natalie de Leon and Ashley D

Natalie wrote: "Madison was intelligent and caring and would have deserved this award."

Ashley wrote: "Madison was in my Political Science class and he recently died, but he respected everyone's thoughts during class."

Arthur Silverstein

Arthur Silverstein - Civility Champion
Nominated by: Jennie Goldman

Jennie wrote: "As a Student Orientation Director who leads a group of his peers on the Orientation Team, Arthur exemplifies care, respect and empathy on a daily basis. The way he cares for the students on the team helps them to feel comfortable to share their thoughts and concerns. He respects them highly and listens to them open and honestly when they come to the office. He respects their perspectives and backgrounds and how both inform the type of leaders they are. Arthur is someone the team can talk to and highly respects at the same time, something that is not always easy for a student to attain. Arthur's presence on this campus and in SLL has certainly helped to create an environment of civility that has helped to foster an even stronger community."

Kristina Fiscus


Nominated by: Sharon Scott-Gonzalez    

Sharon says: "Kristina has gone out of her way to arrange to make a scrapbook for her cohort and use the money that she collects for this to give to a fund for Tsunami victims. She has a generous spirit and a caring attitude each day in class."

Jennifer Lynch


Nominated by: Marcia Armes

Marcia describes Jennifer as "an amazing teacher; plethora of care for everyone's education; has amazing energy."