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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science


  • Minor in Cognitive Science


The Minor in Cognitive Science at California State University San Marcos offers students the opportunity to broaden their academic experience through systematic study of the interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science. Cognitive science has a variety of definitions, but one simple one is that it is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the mind. The field involves contributions from the disciplines of psychology, computer science, linguistics, communication, biology, neuroscience, philosophy, anthropology, music, mathematics, and social science.

The minor in Cognitive Science allows students to focus on the domain of Cognitive Science from multiple perspectives, and to customize their course selections in accordance with their individual interests within the field. The program requires courses from at least four different disciplines, and allows courses from several more. Students choosing to pursue the minor in Cognitive Science will get exposure to some of the breadth of this emerging field of study. The minor is appropriate for students in any major, but may be especially of interest to students majoring in one of the disciplines that are related to the cognitive sciences. This minor helps to prepare students for graduate study in related fields, as well as for a variety of careers in both the public and private sectors.