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Employee Training Center

Employee Training Center

Employee Training Center

This website is a centralized training and development site for university faculty, staff and students.  

There are two primary Learning Management Systems (LMS): CSU Learn and AbilityLMS (formerly known as Learnerweb).

CSU Learn

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CSU Learn contains both mandatory Human Resource training and a large catalog of classes which may be useful to employees. CSU Learn can only be accessed by CSUSM employees at this time.

Ability LMS

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AbilityLMS/Learnerweb houses campus-provided, required and recommended safety training such as Defensive Driving and IIPP.  AbilityLMS can be accessed by CSUSM employees and students.

In the campus Learning Management Systems, we offer different modalities for receiving training including instructor-led in person, online, Zoom sessions, and more. 

Need help navigating the learning management system?

Visit our Guides & Resources pages to access documents on how to access courses, manager dashboards, print certificates of completion, and more.

If you are attempting to login to the system and you do not have CSUSM credentials or your CSUSM credentials are not working, please fill out the form for access to the LMS.