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Training Area Contacts

CSUSM Systems & Training Development will be operating as a Hub and Spoke model.

The Hub at CSUSM is the Systems & Training Development Specialist. The Systems & Training Development Specialist provides support to the spokes or Training Area Contacts (TACs), develops web-based training, helps monitor compliance, conducts training for end users, maintains the two learning management systems on campus for employee and student training, assists the campus community with LMS troubleshooting and training inquiries.

Training Area Contacts (TACs) are the spokes. As a TAC, these individuals oversee the training programs in their area, conduct and monitor training assignments for their department(s) and/or programs, and may perform general troubleshooting for customers in the CSU Learn LMS for their specific training area. Examples of spokes would include Human Resources and Safety, Health & Sustainability. At this time, Systems & Training Development is still developing potential TACs.

Please reach out to or Andrea Wilson for additional information regarding potential Training Area Contacts.