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Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies Minor at California State University San Marcos offers students majoring in another discipline the opportunity to study critically and systematically the experiences of racial/ethnic groups that have been economically, educationally, politically, legally, and/or socially disadvantaged. It analyzes how these groups have been integrated or not into societ(ies) and how race/ethnicity has shaped identity.

Offering global and U.S. perspectives, the minor supports the founding Mission Statement of the University by helping to prepare students "to live cooperatively and competitively in a world of cultural and ethnic diversity."

Since the minor helps students better understand the multi-ethnic cultures of which many modern nations are comprised, it enhances courses of study leading to career fields in both public and private sectors, such as business, education, law, medicine, public health, corrections, social work, journalism, public relations, politics, psychology, international relations, and creative writing. It also helps to prepare students for graduate study in related fields.


The Ethnic Studies Program hosts its annual Graduation Recognition Celebration on Thursday, May 9th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in SBSB 1104. All Ethnic Studies majors and minors are invited attend. Please RSVP to
Dr. McGuire,

Advocate in favor of AB 1460, make ethnic studies a  graduation requirement at CSUs. Read the ETST letter of support by the Ethnic Studies Steering Committee.

The B.A. in Ethnic Studies received official authorization by the Office of the Chancellor of the California State University in December 2017! Students may now select to major in Ethnic Studies beginning fall 2018.