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Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies Program at California State University San Marcos offers students the opportunity to study critically and systematically the experiences of racial/ethnic groups that have been economically, educationally, politically, legally, and/or socially disadvantaged. Courses in Ethnic Studies analyze how these groups have been integrated or not into society(ies) and how race/ethnicity has shaped identity. The Ethnic Studies Program provides students with an empowering education that expands students' social and political perspectives and the critical thinking skills necessary in today's world.

Offering U.S. and global perspectives, the Ethnic Studies Program supports the founding Mission Statement of the University by helping to prepare students "to live cooperatively and competitively in a world of cultural and ethnic diversity."

The Ethnic Studies Program at CSUSM is committed to intellectual rigor and scholarly excellence. The program prepares students for a variety of occupations where knowledge and understanding of racial and ethnic groups are essential. Graduates of the Ethnic Studies Program pursue careers in both public and private sectors, such as business, education, law, medicine, public health, corrections, social work, journalism, public relations, politics, psychology, international relations, and creative writing. It also prepares students for graduate study in related fields.


The Ethnic Studies Program invites applications for two Assistant Professor positions. For details consult the announcement.

The Program welcomes Franklin Perez. He is a candidate for his doctorate in Ethnic Studies from the University of California Riverside. As a lecturer in the Program, he teaches ETST 301, Ethnic Studies and Society.

Read the latest news about the new state requirement in Ethnic Studies. The Academic Senate passed the Resolution in Opposition to the CSU Chancellor's Proposed Implementation of AB 1460 on October 7, 2020.