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Advising for ETST Majors & Minors

Students majoring or minoring in Ethnic Studies (ETST) have two advisors - a faculty advisor and an academic advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to visit with each advisor, at least once a year to ensure steady academic progress.

Faculty advisors in the ETST Program can assist student majors and minors in multiple ways. They can:

  • Provide guidance in course selection.
  • Advise on requirements for the major or minor.
  • Advise majors and minors on their progress via Degree Planner and advising worksheets.
  • Discuss internship, independent studies, graduate school, among other topics of conversation.

Majors by Last Names

Minors by Last Names

Faculty Advisor




A thru M A thru Lo Dr. Michelle A. Holling

SBSB 2136


N thru Z Lu thru Z Dr. Jason M. Perez  SBSB 3134  760-750-8258

The academic advisor for the ETST Program is Colette Magoon. She provides guidance on general advising, including university/graduation requirements and General Education. Please schedule a time to meet with her, or another academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising.

Advising worksheets for the major and for the minor.