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Non-Student Accounts Receivable FAQs

What is Non-Student A/R?

Non-Student A/R is the reimbursement invoicing of auxiliary and outside entities. Examples of who reimbursement invoicing go to are: ASI, Foundation, other Universities or businesses.


How often should I invoice?

It is extremely important to submit your invoice request as soon as possible after the expense has occurred. Please make sure that the request is submitted within 30 days.

How do I get an invoice created?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in at "Faculty and Staff Sign in Here"
  3. Click on Administrative Resources
  4. Click on Reimbursement Invoice Request
  5. Enter the relevant information and press enter or submit
  6. Forward the backup for the reimbursement by e-mail, fax or intercampus mail to one of the contacts listed below.
  7. When the invoice has been created a reimbursement invoice confirmation will be e-mailed to you listing the invoice number.

Why does the invoice submit even when I do not press submit?

When you are entering the information please tab between fields. If you press the enter key the invoice request will be submitted.

What should I do if the invoice request is submitted in error or if I discover some information needs to be changed?

Please e-mail or call Kyle Raider as soon as possible so an incorrect invoice is not created.

Who are the contacts for questions, concerns or sending backup?

Kyle Raider, Fiscal Services x4477

When does my account get credited?

Your account (which was provided in the reimbursement invoice request) is credited when the invoice is created and accounts receivable is debited. When the cash comes in cash is debited and accounts receivable is credited.

What happens if the invoice is not paid?

If payment is not received within 6 months (181+ days old) a journal entry will be made by debiting your department's bad debt expense and crediting an allowance for doubtful accounts.

What happens if the cash comes in after the allowance account and bad debt have been posted?

The entry made above will be reversed.

Who is responsible for collections?

The AR accountant is also responsible for collections.

How can I help with collections?

Make sure the backup you provide is adequate to prove the reimbursement charge. Make sure your reimbursement request is accurate. Please check your reimbursement invoice confirmation to make sure it matches what you requested.