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Global Commitment Committee

Global Commitment Committee


The College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences is committed to encouraging curriculum development and activities that promote global awareness, underrepresented languages, multicultural understanding, and global citizenship. The Global Commitment Committee (GCC) was formed to actively engage students, the College, and surrounding community in attaining a comprehensive worldview. The GCC is focused on bringing awareness to the assorted challenges associated with rapid technological, social, and environmental changes with a pledge to social progress. There is a focus on meaningful social interactions and productive dialog between our diverse campus and surrounding community that can offer a wide range of experience and insights to these global issues.  


  • We value equity, access, participation and rights for all 
  • We strive to improve as global citizens through education and awareness  
  • We create an environment for people to cooperate, grow, and support one another  
  • We respect other’s perspectives and act with integrity, empathy, and tolerance 
  • We act as champions for positive global change 


The Global Commitment Committee organizes a year-long program designed to educate and engage the College, campus, and broader community in a discussion about global issues, trends, and events. The GCC agenda will include: 

  • A mix of educational opportunities, including speakers, films, and visual performing arts events. 
  • Social interactions with engaging discussions that bring our diverse campus populations together to share experiences and insights. 
  • Actions such as studying, teaching, or working abroad that develop more globally intelligent syllabi or other equity-oriented actions. 
  • Community outreach activities. 


Global Film Series: The Global Commitment Committee offers a film and discussion series that connects our CSUSM and surrounding communities with larger scale and global issues.

Global Competency Professional Development Certificate: The Global Commitment Committee also offers a non-credit professional development certificate each semester to students who participate in completing an outlined program of events.