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Kendra Aker

Kendra Aker

Marketing Specialist II


Class of 2016

Brief description of role/ job duties: I lead, coordinate, and produce professional, well-planned (persuasive), energetic, and high-quality marketing efforts on a variety of pursuits, working with sales leaders, pursuit teams, and graphic artists throughout all stages of the process in the environmental engineering business line. I manage the process to create and maintain well-organized, up-to-date statements of qualifications that reflect the firm’s strengths and client benefits. I serve as the point-of-contact for top pursuits nationwide, in California, and locally in the Pacific Northwest for municipal and federal clients.

Favorite thing about your job: I really love the marketing team I work with and the mentorship provided at AECOM. We are all spread throughout the US (even abroad) and work well together even with the time difference and schedules. My job really tests my communication skills and efficiency in providing marketing support by working with different departments and professionals. I like the fact that I can work with engineers and principals all the way to graphic designers on proposals that require diverse design and complex engineering.

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBA memories: I really loved the marketing professors at CSUSM. Dr. Kristin Stewart, Dr. Rebeca Perren, and Dr. Vassilis Dalakas helped build a strong marketing foundation for my career and even my personal life. I still refer to my college notes today and re-read some of the books that were required in class. I am so grateful to still be in touch with these wonderful people and look forward to taking them along throughout my marketing career.

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