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Diego Fontes-Barbosa

Diego Fontes-Barbosa

Marketing Analyst

Mindgruve, Inc. 

Class of 2016 

Brief description of role/ job duties: As a Marketing Analyst at Mindgruve I am responsible for the management, creation, interpretation and delivery of client program analysis and reporting (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and ad-hoc). I develop and maintain client-facing dashboards highlighting website and media performance that align to business objectives and KPIs. I create data-driven insights about user behavior from website data on traffic patterns, order volume, conversions, navigation behavior, product selections and more. Additionally, I am responsible for management and implementation of tracking strategies that support reporting, analytics, and digital intelligence efforts to better understand users' online behavior and inform decisions to optimize the user experience.  

Favorite thing about your job: Being able to work across multiple industries, with multiple clients, without performing the same task every day. Working in a fast-paced, creative environment that allows you to have true ownership of your work and wear multiple hats through the process.   

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBA memories: Having guest lectures from marketing professionals and former students, taking classroom learnings and applying them to real-world professional scenarios. 

Favorite MKTG class: Marketing Research, because it taught me the skills necessary to design a research study, gather and collect quantitative and qualitative data and analyze your findings uncovering insights that allow you to make informed decisions. Many of the skills I learned in that class are applied directly daily in my current role as a marketing professional.