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Leah Esquivel

Leah Esquivel

Leah Esquivel

Digital Business Development Sales Support


Brief description of role/ job duties: I support online efforts to increase sales and share on one of our top Amazon accounts, while aiming to provide a best-in-class digital experience. Some efforts include Amazon ad creation and management, and reporting on various data to help with strategy and decision making.


Favorite thing about your job:I love being a part of a diverse company that is known worldwide and is constantly innovating. My team acts as an agency within HP, so the pace is fast, and there is always something to learn. Our team has to constantly be thinking ahead as the digital world is quickly evolving and changing with new competitors and strategies. It is very satisfying seeing an initiative that I helped with take off and do well. I feel that I directly make an impact in my role.


Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBA memories: I loved how close the department was as a whole. Both professors and students were always willing to lend a hand however they could, with either course work, or with networking for internships and jobs. The courses were challenging and well thought through, and provided me with real world experiences that helped me right out of college.  I still keep in touch with professors and alumni to this day, and we check in with each other to see how our careers and lives are going. I am very proud to be an alumni from the CoBA Marketing department.

Favorite MKTG class: My favorite courses were Consumer Behavior and Sales. I was pushed to really think outside of the box with Consumer Behavior to understand the art behind advertising and the effect ads have on consumers. This class constantly had me thinking through things as if I were in the customers’ shoes. The sales course was challenging and I learned how to market a product well. I had to really think about what needs my product was solving, and how I could gain interest from the other party. Both of these courses apply to my current role, as I sell online and need to think of customer needs and if my ads are showing up with the right messaging and in relevant spots.