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Amber Jean Fowler

Amber Jean Fowler

Senior Marketing Project Coordinator

Pacific Life

Class of 2014

Brief description of role/ job duties: As a Senior Marketing Project Coordinator on the marketing operations team, I work with the entire marketing department and other areas of the business to get all of the life insurance division’s marketing collateral created, reviewed, and ready for distribution. Once a marketing campaign is decided upon, and the campaign deliverables are determined, my team makes sure every piece of marketing collateral is delivered on time for launch. This process includes multiple stages and my team is responsible to make sure each stage is completed on time. Marketing content we create can range from life insurance product or sales concept focused press releases, brochures, web pages, digital advertisements, and visually friendly infographics. As the senior of the team, I also reinforce overall priorities and manage multiple competing timelines.

Favorite thing about your job: The life insurance industry is highly regulated, and while the base process of marketing collateral review is pretty structured, I loved being challenged with new types of marketing ideas and “how might we” try something new. For example, if we want to post an advertisement on a new social media website, I am challenged to ask myself, “How might we get this approved for distribution”.

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBA memories: The student-alumni mixer was one of my favorite memories from my time at CoBA. I loved getting to hear the success stories of the alumni and their tips on how to make yourself stand out.

Favorite MKTG class: Consumer Behavior was my favorite class – the principles of the course have huge implications for the marketing collateral I get to work on every day. It also leads to some great conversation starters outside of work.

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