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Izzy Irizarry


Ambassador of BUZZ

I-Management Group

Class of 2014

Brief Description of role/job duties: I oversee the marketing department for our two companies, Ignite Funding and Preferred Trust Company. Specifically, I create the marketing plan each year, manage all event planning, digital marketing, lead generation and I co-manage our sales staff.

Favorite thing about your job: Every day is a new challenge. From ensuring our ads are on the first page of Google to traveling half way across the country to an event to bring in new investors; every day is an adventure. My job encompasses every aspect of marketing, I couldn’t ask for more.   

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your COBA memories: Senior experience, hands down. To be able to expose students to real companies that have a need/improvement and work over a period of a semester to solve or improve those needs is by far the closest experience you can get to an actual real job scenario.

Favorite MKTG class: Consumer behavior. Being able to truly understand a consumer and what “triggers” them to buy is fascinating. If you can learn what triggers a consumer through different types of marketing, you will do just fine as a marketer.

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