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Kaylyn Viertel

Kaylyn Viertel

Kaylyn Viertel 

Marketing Manager, Kylie Cosmetics

Class of 2017

Brief description of role/ job duties: I am responsible for creating and implementing digital marketing strategies for Kylie Cosmetics across a variety of channels. Daily job duties include monitoring the effectiveness of social media campaigns, managing the website, coordinating product launches, SEO and content strategy.

Favorite thing about your job: Working with some of the most driven, talented and hard-working individuals. Every day is a new exciting project! 

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBa memories: The senior experience project was such a great way to prepare students for real world experience upon graduation, I have taken so many life lessons and knowledge out of that opportunity.

Favorite MKTG class: I have 2! 1. Sports Marketing and Sponsorship: Getting to create a sponsorship deck for the City of San Marcos was a project that I was able to take with me to all job interviews after graduating. 2. Personal Branding: This class really entails the importance of building your own brand and prepares you with all of the great tools necessary.

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