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If you have questions regarding a specific policy, please contact Edith Nuno, Policy Analyst, Finance & Administrative Services.

University-wide Policies, Procedures and Guidelines are managed by the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services. PolicyStat is the online library that houses all active campus policies that have been officially approved through the steps in our Administrative Policy Guidelines. This site is intended to serve as a resource for CSUSM's students, faculty, and staff to research policies that have university-wide application. Division, department and college policies, procedures, and guidelines that are specific to those areas will not be listed here.

Policies are written principles put in place to govern university processes, activities, and/or functions. These principles ensure compliance, enhance the university's mission, strengthen internal controls, and reduce the risk of improper transactions. Policies state what is done and under what authority.

Procedures are documents that provide step-by-step actions and detailed descriptions of what is needed to carry out policies. Not all policies contain procedures.

Guidelines are documents that advise how a process should be completed.