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Policy and Procedure Updates

New Policies and Procedures:
 Policy Name:                                                                                                                                                Implementation Date: 
The Creation of Generic Topics Course Containers by Academic Programs 3/22/2021
Virtual Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic 4/3/2020
Recently Updated Policies and Procedures:
 Policy Name: Approval Date: 
Department Chair Selection 3/22/2021
Lecturer Evaluation Policy 3/22/2021
Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Standards - Library (Addendum) 3/22/2021
Student Course Grade Appeals 3/22/2021
University RTP Document 3/22/2021
Security of and Access to Campus Facilities 12/22/2020
Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students 11/10/2020
Workplace Violence 7/2/2020
Evaluation of Temporary Counselor Faculty (SSP-ARs) 6/26/2020
Inactive Courses 6/26/2020
Periodic Review of School Directors 6/26/2020
Policy on Ethical Conduct 6/26/2020
Range Elevation for Temporary Unit 3 Faculty Employees 6/26/2020
Re-Classification for Temporary Unit 3 SSP-AR Employees 6/26/2020
Retention, Tenure and Promotion Standards - Library 6/26/2020
Undergraduate Catalog Rights 6/26/2020
Undergraduate and Graduate Dual-Listed Courses 6/26/2020
Grading Symbols 4/6/2020
Recently Rescinded Policies & Procedures (removed/no longer applicable to the campus):
 Policy Name:                                                                                                           Rescission Date:  

University Cash Handling Policy (mirrors ICSUAM sections 3102.09, 6201.00, 6202.00, 6320.00, 6330.00, and 6340.00)


Campus Security Authorities (covered under Executive Order 1107; campus policy not required) 


Emergency Notification (covered under Executive Order 1107; campus policy not required)


Timely Warning Policy (covered under Executive Order 1107; campus policy not required)


Use of Surveillance and Security Cameras to Deter and Investigate Crime on University Property
(superseded by Systemwide Video Security Camera Policy)