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Policy and Procedure Updates

New Policies and Procedures:
 Policy Name: Implementation Date: 
Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Standards - Public Health Department 5/4/2018
Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Standards - Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 6/6/2018
 Emergency Notification Policy  6/7/2018
Timely Warning Policy 6/7/2018
Campus Security Authority Policy 7/18/2018
On Campus Housing Missing Student Policy 7/18/2018
Security of and Access to Campus Facilities 7/18/2018
Recently Updated Policies and Procedures:
 Policy Name: Approval Date: 
University Academic Master Planning Process 6/14/2018
Employee Moving and Relocation Policy 6/21/2018
Human Subjects Protection in Research 1/22/2019
Recently Rescinded Policies and Procedures (removed & no longer applicable to the campus):
 Policy Name: Rescission Date:  
Public Records Access 12/13/2017
American Express Corporate Card for Professionals  4/26/2018
Background Check Guidelines for Designated Non-Faculty Positions 4/26/2018 
California Whistleblower Protection Act for Reporting Protected Disclosures of
Improper Governmental Activities and/or Significant Threats to Health or Safety
Conflict of Interest 4/26/2018
Management Personnel Plan (MPP) 4/26/2018
Minor Capital Outlay 4/26/2018
Nondiscrimination Training 4/26/2018
Performance Evaluation 4/26/2018
Public Safety Major Incident Report 4/26/2018
Whistleblower Protection: Complaint Procedure for Allegations of Retaliation 4/26/2018