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Jimmy A. Young, PhD, MSW, MPA

Jimmy A. Young, PhD, MSW, MPA

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Associate Professor CEHHS Social Work
(760) 750-8540 Extended Learning Building 635

About Jimmy A. Young, PhD, MSW, MPA

Dr. Young has been at CSUSM since 2015. He received his PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University, an MSW and MPA from Eastern Washington University, and a BSW from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He is a founding member and Fellow of the Social Work Futures Lab and has a range of practice experience from mental health to program evaluation and nonprofit administration. His research focuses on understanding and integrating digital and new media literacies into social work education at the intersection of Futures and Foresight practice, equity, and analyzing the impact of digital technologies on individuals, families, and organizations. In his teaching, he uses a range of applied and innovative methods based on his practice experience and research to teach across disciplines and prepare students for an increasingly digitally mediated world. 

Selected Publications

-Publications are in chronological order

* Denotes student author

Young, J. A., & Mann-Williams, A. (2023). Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Live Musical Theater-Based Approach to Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Elementary Schools. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 32(7), 860-878.

Bibbs, T., Wolfe-Taylor, S., Alston, N., Barron, M., Beaudoin, L., Bradley, S., Glennon, A. S., Munoz-Najar, J., Nissen, L., Rios, J., Szlyk, H., Wells, A., Yi, J., & Young, J. A. (2023). Constructing the Future of Social Work Tech Habits of Mind with the Ethical OS. Advances in Social Work, 23(1), 132-147.

Beecher, B., Young, J. A., *Carbajal, B., *Fair, B., & Guarino, J. (2023). Perceptions of mental health and substance use services by individuals experiencing homelessness. The Social Sciences Journal.

Young, J. A., & Brady, S. R. (2022). Re-Imagining digital and new media literacies in social work education: A critical framework for overcoming #FakeNews, divisiveness, and injustice. Advances in Social Work, 22(2), 270-286.

Keeney, A. J., Lee, A., Jayyousi, S., Young, J. A., Guarino, J., & Turner, K. B. (2022). Social work students’ self-efficacy toward direct practice skills in field education using virtual simulations and scripted role plays. Advances in Social Work, 22(2), 303-317.

*Lin, A., Young, J. A., & Guarino, J. (2022). Mother-daughter sexual abuse: An exploratory study of the experiences of survivors of MDSA using Reddit. Children & Youth Services Review, 138.

Young, J. A., & *Ronquillo, R. (2022). Enhancing new media literacies of social work students through a participatory learning environment. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 40(1), 58-78.

Young, J. A. (2022). #SocialWorkEducation: A computational analysis of social work programs on Twitter.  Journal of Social Work Education, 58(2), 215-226.

Keeney, A. J., Byrnes, E. I., Young, J. A., & Beecher, B. (2021). Beyond COVID-19: What’s next for skill assessment practices in social work education? Social Work Education: The International Journal. Advanced online publication.

Young, J. A., & Glennon, A. (2021). Social media in social work: Research, education, and practice. In D. A. González, A. A. Astray, & A. A. Puelles (Eds.), Social work in digital societies (pp. 95-113). McGraw-Hill.

Sage, M., Hitchcock, L. I., Bakk, L., Young, J., Michaeli, D., Jones, A.S., & Smyth, N. J. (2020). Professional collaboration networks as a social work research practice innovation: Preparing DSW students for knowledge dissemination roles in a digital society. Research in Social Work Practice, 31(1), 42-52.

Young, J. A. (2020). Social media and digital literacies for nonprofit educators and professionals. In K. C. Bezboruah & H. Carpenter (Eds.), Teaching nonprofit management (pp. 237-253). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Young, J. A., McLeod, D. A., & Brady, S. R. (2018). The ethics challenge: 21st century social work education, social media, and digital literacies. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 15(1), 13-22. Retrieved from

Young, J. A. (2017). Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs: The adoption and utilization of social media in nonprofit human service organizations. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership, & Governance, 41(1), 44-57.

Vaterlaus, J. M., Barnett, K., *Roche, C., & Young, J. A. (2016). “Snapchat is more personal”: An exploratory study on Snapchat behaviors and young adult interpersonal relationships. Computers in Human Behavior, 62, 594-601.



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