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Natalie Wilson, PhD

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Lecturer CHABSS Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
(760) 750-8054 Social and Behavioral Science Building 2222

About Natalie Wilson, PhD


willful monstrosity book markNatalie Wilson teaches Literature and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at California State University San Marcos.

She earned her doctorate at the University of London and, in 2012, received the CSUSM Outstanding Lecturer Award.

Her book, Willful Monstrosity, to be published by McFarland in December 2019, provides an intersectional analysis of 21st century horror and its monsters.

Her previous monograph, Seduced by Twilight (McFarland, April 2011), examines the Twilight saga from a feminist perspective.

Professor Wilson's areas of specialization include popular culture, horror films, monster studies, women’s literature, and feminist pedagogy.

She names her pets after famous feminists (with a Shi Tzu named Simone de Beauvoir and a Maine Coon dubbed Jackson Katz). Her favorite food is chocolate.

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  • WGSS 490 Senior Seminar in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • WGSS 375 Feminist Activism
  • WGSS 347 Reproductive Rights
  • WGSS 328 Body and Identity
  • WGSS 303 Education, Gender, and Race
  • WGSS 301 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Societies
  • WGSS 211 Introduction to Women’s Literature
  • WGSS 205 Gender and Sexual Identity in Popular Culture and the Media
  • WGSS 101 Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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Dr. Wilson’s areas of specialty include popular culture, monster studies, horror films, women’s literature, literary theory, film studies, and feminist pedagogy.

Her book, Willful Monstrosity, forthcoming in Fall 2019, provides an intersectional analysis of 21st century horror and its monsters. Her previous monograph, Seduced by Twilight, examined the Twilight saga from a feminist perspective. Her most recent book article, “Surviving Rape Culture in AMC’s The Walking Dead,” appears in The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is currently completing two pieces on female vampires, one for Transmedia Vampires and the other for Spoofing the Vampire: What We Do in the Shadows.

Her piece “Comic-Cons Predatory Male Gaze” is featured in The Norton Anthology of Cultural Studies. Wilson’s “Civilized Vampires Versus Savage Werewolves,” which first appeared in Theorizing Twilight, has been republished in two textbook anthologies: Monsters (Fountainhead Press) and Mediated Youth Reader (Peter Lang). Some of Dr. Wilson’s other publications include articles in Women and Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Feminist Media Studies as well as in anthologies such as Monstrous Pedagogy, Butler Matters: Judith Butler’s Impact on Feminist and Queer, Mothers Who Deliver, (Re)Interpretations: The Shapes of Justice in Women's Experience, and Womanhood in Anglophone Literary Culture.

Her publications for Ms. Magazine’s print edition include “Culture of Rape” and “An Introduction to Reproductive Rights” as well as various book and film reviews. She served as a lead film critic for the Ms. Blog from 2010 to 2015. Other online work by Dr. Wilson can be found at Bitch Flicks, The Establishment, Bitch Media, Womanist Musings, and Professor, What if?

In addition to co-editing Critical Essays on What Is at Stake in a Post-Vampire World, Dr. Wilson is on the editorial board of the Feminist Media Studies imprint from University of Illinois Press and is part of the online scholarly collective Fembot.

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