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Tihomir Kostadinov

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Associate Professor of Geography CHABSS Liberal Studies
(760) 750-8226 Social and Behavioral Science Building 4225

About Tihomir Kostadinov

Welcome! My teaching and research interests are in Oceanography, Earth System Science, Climate Science, Remote Sensing, Snow Science, Environmental Geography, and related areas. For details, browse through the various sections (below and linked on the left).

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PhD, Marine Science
UC Santa Barbara, 2009

MA, Geography
UC Santa Barbara, 2005

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I am a broadly trained quantitative Earth System scientist, interested in various topics of Oceanography, Remote Sensing/GIS and Environmental Geography. My main expertise is in marine bio-optics and ocean color remote sensing. I work on satellite algorithm development that aims to improve our understanding of ocean ecosystems and biogeography. I also conduct research in snow remote sensing in conifer forests. Water and remote sensing are common unifying themes of my research. A third line of research I pursue is related to Earth’s orbital cycles that affect climate (Milankovitch cycles) and related astronomical visualizations. I also have interests in related disciplines, e.g. physical basis of climate and climate change, paleoclimatology, botany and plant systematics (focusing on trees), forest ecology & vegetation remote sensing, and positional astronomy. My research makes heavy use of scientific computing, modeling, and data processing and visualization; I am interested in scientific and technical computing per se.

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GEOG 110: Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 210: Introduction to Oceanography
GEOG 311: Earth: The Habitable Planet

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Peer-reviewed publications: (* - student co-author)

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