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Super STEM Saturday Booths

2024 Program Map

Welcome to Super STEM Saturday! Free Parking in Lots E, F & H.

* Mark Plaza Information Booth Questions about the event? Stop by and we are happy to assist! This booth is also where Scouts can pick up badge information.
1 Mark Plaza General Atomics Discovery Center Fun with Electricity, Electro-magnetism, and Aeronautics!
2 Mark Plaza Accounting and Math with Pacific Premier Bank Stop by and learn more about what commercial banking is all about.
3 Mark Plaza Wise Watering with Calsense What is the Smart Irrigation controller? Understand how Cal Sense senses soil moisture and when a plant/grass needs to be watered. Explore how they measure the flow of water, as well as a wind gauge that measures wind patterns to determine irrigation levels.
4 Mark Plaza SDCDM Mobile Children's Museum Early learners and elementary aged-children can get excited about concepts such as engineering and numeracy with SDCDM!
5 Mark Plaza Scavenger Hunt with Viasat Hang at The Lounge and learn more about how Viasat is a leader in global communications. Grab a Scavenger Hunt form and head off to find other exciting booths that showcase engineering!
6 ACD 102 The Amazing World of Physics Show Come be inspired and amazed by the science and glory of the physical world! Shows at 12PM and 2PM in ACD 102.
7 Palm Court Just Jump! Test out your vertical jump with the CSUSM Kinesiology Club! How does your body work and process when doing this? Find out ways to keep your body safe and healthy for jumping related activities.
8 Palm Court Brain Pathways Discover the chemistry behind how your brain makes you jump! Learn how to make those neuropathways stronger so you can jump higher, move without pain and more precision.
9 Palm Court Science with Soda Learn about what makes a Mentos Fountain work and experince it on a small scale every 15 minutes, with a full sized fountain on the hour.
10 Palm Court Dancing Raisins Drop raisins in graduated cylinders of soda water and watch them dance as the density changes.
11 Palm Court Solid + Liquid = Gas Place a balloon over a soda bottle to mix a solid and liquid to create and catch the gas.
12 Palm Court Electrical Engineering at it's Finest: Solar Golf Cart + Wind Turbine Get excited about the field of electrical engineering and learn about clean energy projects on campus.
13 Uhall Patio Freaky Foam Faces Explore polyurethane polymers by making foam and decorating a monster face.
14 Gonzalez Grove Health & Wellness With Horses What do horses eat besides hay? Apples, carrots, a hamburger?! Learn about the anatomy of a horse, what keeps them healthy, and why they are incredible companions to humans.
15 Gonzalez Grove Animal Athletes: Marvelous Mice & Beastly Birds Be prepared to get buzzed by our resident hummingbirds as you learn about the natural history and ecosystems of the species studied in the CSUSM Sustaita Lab. Students will demonstrate what fieldwork looks like through interactive displays and games.
16 Gonzalez Grove The Nose Knows Determine how well you can identify a scent! Learn about scent molecules and how senestive some animals sence of smell can be.
17 Gonzalez Grove K9 Search and Rescue with CARDA Meet the volunteer search teams and learn about the science of olfaction in canines. Dog demos at 11AM, 1PM, and 3PM; scent demos at 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM.
18 ARTS Dirt Lot We Will Rock(et) You! Look to the sky as physicists launch rockets every 20 minutes.
19 ARTS 240/ ARTS Dirt Lot Better Than Magic Chemistry Show Be dazzled as chemistry takes center stage in this exciting show for all ages! Shows at 11AM and 1PM in ARTS 240.
21 Arts Bldg/Chavez Plaza UPD @CSUSM Visit with the University Police Department at CSUSM, tour a squad car, and meet Hans, our K-9 Officer!
22 Arts Bldg/Chavez Plaza STEAM in Lights Create custom water colors in mini test-tubes and plug them into a super-sized Lite Brite peg board and watch your back-lit design come to life! View and interact with biome boxes and learn about ecosystems.
23 ARTS Breezeway STEM Safari Mobile Museum What do circuitry, weather, and moon craters have in common? They are all exhibits at the new Mobile Musem with partners Center Artes and the Center for Research & Engagement in STEM Education (CRESE).
24 Chavez Plaza Exoplanet Roulette & Meteorite or Meteorwrong? Spin the wheel to determine your fate on an exoplanet. Do you survive on a habitable exoplanet? If not, how do you meet your demise? Then getyour hands on a sample of rocks to investigate their origins. Were these rocks delivered from space, or did they originate from our own planet?
25 Chavez Plaza Out of This World Science View solar spots through a telescope with the Department of Physics (weather permitting).
26 Chavez Plaza Sound Wave Carnival Knock over a tower of cups using sound waves.
27 Chavez Plaza Decibel Dampers Work with the NASA Aerospace Academy students and CRESE STEM Ambassadors to learn about sound damping with hands-on demonstrations.
28 Chavez Plaza Pitch Perfect NASA Aerospace Academy students and CRESE STEM Ambassadors will show you how to make music with tuning forks, sand, water, whirly tubes, and student created instruments.
29 Chavez Plaza Build a Bristle Bot Can your bot win the battle? Build a mini motorized robot out of toothbrush heads with STEM Ambassadors from CSUSM and test it out in the arena!
30 SCI 2 Entrance EGGS-tronaut Challenge! Use your ingenuity to help your egg successfully survive a 20 foot drop. An array of supplies will be provided or you can bring your own creative egg defense materials.
31 SCI 2 Entrance Chemical Safety & Lab Tour See how we stay safe in the laboratory. American Chemical Society (ACS) students will have liquid nitrogen demos and display safety equipment. Learn about our campus comitment to Green Chemistry. Tours start at 10:30AM and run every hour on the half hour until 3:30PM. All ages are welcome. Ages 12 and under require parent/guardian be present.
32 SCI2 Lobby Circuits & Sound Can you "punk" it with an Atari 555 Console to make music?
33 SCI2 242 How New Video Games Are Made at CSUSM Join the CSUSM Game Development Club as they display simulations and share how to create games. Play some of the games that are currently in development by the students!
34 SBSB Lobby Musical Robot Plays the Xylophone! Challenge this amazing, computer-driven robotic arm to recreate a tune you design and play it on a xylophone!
36 SBSB 1102 Electrify Me! Come behold the astounding power of indoor lightning! Prepare to be amazed by Dr. Schlonkle and the Amazing 400,000-Volt Van De Graaff Generator! Witness the strength of plasma, the fourth state of matter! Participate in several hands-on static electric charge activities and demonstrations.
37 SBSB 1103 Plank-ton of Fun View live plankton through a microscope and then build your own plankton using everyday items. Test your plankton to see if it can be neutrally buoyant in water (neither floating at the top nor sinking at the bottom).
38 SBSB 1105 Green ChemisTREE Have fun learning about building molecules and green chemistry - including all things "green" with computer interface games.
39 SBSB 1107 Stem Cell Shrinky Dinks Create your own stem cell key chain on shrinky dink paper.
40 SBSB 1108 Cybersecurity Awareness Educate yourself on the world of cybersecurity best practices through engaging activities like phishing email simulations, password strength tests, and cybersecurity quizzes. Learn tips on how to stay safe online and protect personal information.
41 SBSB 1109 Science of Tortillas Demonstration on the science of tortillas, including an explanation of the process of Nixtamalization, and how corn can be made into tortillas.
42 SBSB 1111 Play 3D Math Can you solve the 3D puzzle?
43 SBSB 1111 Fun with Math! Can you solve the geometry puzzle?
44 USU 2300 All About the Brain! Join us for viewing a real human brain, how the brain works to process speech and language, swallowing, hearing and more. Make a brain hat, play games to see how well your brain is functioning, and more!
45 USU 2300 Tower Building Challenge Test your skills in design, creativity, and engineering to build the tallest structure possible using limited supplies (spaghetti, tape, and string) that can support the weight of a marshmallow.
46 USU 2300 Fold a Protein How does a polypeptide chain fold to become an active protein? Make your own structure and find out!
47 USU 2300 Paper Palooza How strong is paper? What structure do you think will hold the most books using only paper? Come find out!! How many books can you stack? See if you can get the high score for the day.
48 USU 2300 STEM Career Exploration: See yourself in STEM! What do you want to be when you grow up? The possibilities are endless! Stop by and picture your future self in STEM!
49 USU 2300 Connect, Collaborate, & Innovate! Robotic arms, 3D printing, and plenty of imagination! Are you ready to create something amazing with the Innovation Hub?
50 USU 2300 Super Mind, Super Power How are your mind and heart connected? Come explore that connection with us. Use a sensor to explore your heart coherence and much more!
51 USU 2300 Talk to Me! Explore the world of Augmentative and Alternative Communication! Students will be get hands on exploring the world of AAC and be challenged to communicate in a new way.
52 USU 2300 Minute to Win It Test your speed and brain power with one minute challenges!
53 USU 2300 Seeing Inside of you with Ultrasound! Participants will handle an ultrasound transducer for real-time imaging of their brachial artery.
54 USU 2300 Let's Drive Robots! Take a robot on a drive through an obstacle course with the First Lego League.
55 USU 2300 Separating Colors - What is Chromatography? Understand how complex mixtures are separated including with the powerful technology of high performance liquid chromatography. Demonstrations will show how black inks can be separated into their constituent colors.
56 USU 2300 Stack It Up Conduct an experiment to see if you can stack the most cups or create the highest stack in 1 minute. Players will see who can build the highest tower of plastic cups.
57 USU 2300 Build Your Emergency Brake Barriers What will you need to build and modify braking systems that protect both the pedestrian and the driver of hot wheels cars as they go down a ramp?
58 USU 2300 Think Before You Drink How much sugar is in the drinks you have every day? Match the sugar to the drink and learn about healthy alternatives.
59 USU 2300 The World's Simplest Motor In Marine Corps’ operations, electrical energy is indispensable for the functioning of advanced weapons systems and sensitive electronics on ships and during field missions. See how an electric current running through a coiled wire creates a magnetic field. Two magnetic fields, repelling and attracting each other, can be used to convert the electrical energy of the battery into the mechanical energy of a spinning part.
60 USU 2300 LEGO® Catapult Craze Launch easter eggs into baskets or targets with hand powered and elastic powered catapults. Then help build and modify a LEGO city.
61 USU Amphitheater/Forum Plaza Group 3x3x3 Cubing Competition and Mosaic Rubik's Individual competition will run all day. Each participant has 3 tries to solve the cube and record their time on a log sheet. No pre-registration is required. The group competition consists of pre-registered teams of 8 who work together to solve 25 3x3x3 Rubik's Cubes. Stop by and view the competition, which takes place at 11AM. Stop by Mosaic Rubik’s booth to make shapes on the cube and combine them to make a mural-type design. Volunteers will help you learn how to solve the cube!
62 Forum Plaza Building Brick Challenge Build a boat from Legos to keep the brick man dry. Evaluate the process and what changes were made along the way of building and testing the boat.
63 Forum Plaza Kingergarten Weather Wizards Make weather measuring instruments and learn about ways to protect the environment.
64 Forum Plaza Robotics Round Up Robotics is a fun way to explore building and programming, leading to solving world problems.
66 Forum Plaza Stem Cell Plinko! Play plinko and determine which stem cells you get to "grow". Learn about different types of stem cells and what other organs they can grow to be. Simluate growing stem cells in a petri dish to help burn patients.
67 Forum Plaza Density Detectives Try to solve a case file which involves using a graduated cylinder to find the density of different types of metal to identify metal found at the scene of the crime.
68 Forum Plaza Rocks That Rock Explore interesting rocks, minerals, and fossils!
69 Forum Plaza Bouncing with Polymers Create your own bouncy ball by synthesizing a polymer.
70 Forum Plaza Electric Jell-O Balloons will be charged up on clothes or with fake fur to make a chain of amino-acids stand up from static electricity.
71 Forum Plaza Scout Fun with Redox Dipping iron nails in copper sulfate solution to watch a reduction-oxidation reaction.
72 Forum Plaza Making Acid Rain Watch acid rain being formed and learn about what we do to prevent it.
73 Forum Plaza Cartesian Divers Dive deep into the science of SCUBA diving while you watch your diver respond to pressure.
74 Forum Plaza Naturally Colorful! Explore compounds found in plants and bugs that are used as dyes. Create your own natural work of art!
75 Forum Plaza Paper Circuits Create a paper circuit that lights up an LED and is powered by a battery to learn what it's like to be an engineer!
76 Forum Plaza Lights, Circuits in Action! Determine the correct open and closed circuit pathways to discover the flow of electrons needed to light an LED light!
77 Forum Plaza Magic Bubbles Create bubbles that look like clouds!
78 Forum Plaza Deal or No Deal! Step into the fascinating world of probability with our "Monty Hall Problem" event! Armed with just two chairs and a table, we'll create an interactive experience that challenges your decision-making skills. Picture this: three wooden boxes, two goats, and one car. Your task? Choose one box to open, revealing either a goat or a shiny car.
79 Forum Plaza Cloud in a Bottle Learn about the water cycle and how pressure differences caused by the change in altitude result in condensation making clouds and rain!
80 Forum Plaza Cotton Ball/Marble Launcher Use cardboard tubes, rubber bands, and tape to build a launcher that can be used for cotton balls or marbles. Launch at a target when completed and take it home to continue honing your engineering skills.
81 Forum Plaza Marshmallow & Toothpick Geometric Shapes Design a snowflake using marshmallows and toothpicks.
82 Forum Plaza Fingerprinting Fanatics Gain an understanding of the science behind fingerprinting and its application in identification systems. Take note of your own fingerprints and compare them to similar designs to see what type of fingerprints you hold.
83 Forum Plaza Creative Catapult Chaos Build a catapult with popsicle sticks and launch small and fun objects!
84 Forum Plaza Paper Footballs Explore the science of aerodymanics by playing this unique take on paper football.
85 Forum Plaza pH of Common Solutions What is that liquid in the cabinet? Will it be safe to drink or is it toxic?
87 Forum Plaza Float Your Boat Ahoy! Are you ready for a nautical challenge? Use modeling clay to shape a boat that can carry the most cargo.
88 Forum Plaza How Many Pennies can go in the Boat and Still Stay Afloat? Construct an aluminum boat and then add as many pennies as possible into the boat before it sinks.
89 Forum Plaza Discover Sound Waves Come explore the effects of sound waves with tuning forks and water. What could go wrong?
90 Forum Plaza Leaf an Impression Why are leaves so different? Come explore different leaf adaptations as you create a fun art project.
91 Forum Plaza Explore with Magnets Take a guess at which objects are magnetic. Are there magnetic rocks in our local sand? How many paper clips can your magnet hold? Compete against a family member!
92 Forum Plaza Myth Busters: Sports Medicine Edition Participate in activities designed to improve your knowledge of treating athletic injuries by debunking common myths.
93 Forum Plaza Straw Rockets Make rockets and propel them with a straw then record the data to see how far they travel.
94 Forum Plaza Feathers & Flight Learn about feathers, wings, and flight by making helicopters out of straws and feathers.
95 Forum Plaza Chopper Designs Use paper and paper clips to make a helicopter. Test to see whether the larger or smaller choppers fly better.
96 Forum Plaza Strawberry DNA Extraction Extract the DNA out of a strawberry to see it more clearly and learn about DNA structure and function.
97 Forum Plaza Sensory Bottles Create a fun and calming sensory bottle. It's easy, fun, and you can take it home!
98 Forum Plaza Magic or Physics? Through physics, learn how to drop the ring so that it attaches itself to the chain.
99 Forum Plaza What Makes Bridges Strong? Come learn about real-life bridge design.Use your knowledge of forces to build a strong bridge that supports as much weight as possible -- using only paper.
100 Forum Plaza DaVinci Bridge Building Build it like Leonardo! Take your time, be precise, and you can build a surprisingly strong bridge out of chopsticks.
101 Forum Plaza Tangram Jam Build a square using 7 variously shaped pieces.
102 Forum Plaza TinyTwirl with Centrimaster Learn how layers separate in a portable, non-electric centrifuge and then try to make butter or lip oils!
103 Forum Plaza/Ethnobotany Garden Planting for the Future Look at different types of seeds using a microscope with a screen attached to help show their responses to different chemical stimulators that allows them to germinate.
104 Forum Plaza/Ethnobotany Garden Ethnobotany Garden Get your hands dirty! Plant an acorn and stroll the Ethnobotany Garden to learn about the unique uses for plants that are maintained by the CSUSM Department of Anthropology.
105 Forum Plaza/Ethnobotany Garden Floral Pharmaceutical Factories Match the plant to the associated medicine and chemical structures.
106 Forum Plaza/Ethnobotany Garden You Better Be-Leaf It! Touch and feel leave that are from the same genus and guess what adaptations are made to have evolved these different leaves (sticky vs. felt).
107 Forum Plaza/Ethnobotany Garden Picky Eaters or Superior Tasters? Scientists believe most super-tasters have the TAS2R38 gene, which increases bitterness perception. Use a tasting strips to see if you are one!
108 Forum Plaza/Ethnobotany Garden Your Birthday on the Mayan Calendar Learn about the Mayan Calendar and Mayan glyphs. Convert your birthdate from the Gregorian calender to the Mayan calendar.
109 Forum Plaza/Kellogg Reading with Rover Visit with certified therapy dogs to increase your oxytocin levels and learn about our furry friends.
110 Forum Plaza/Kellogg Sunshine Scribbles Step into our shaded booth and unleash your creativity! Arrange an assortment of items on light-sensitive paper, crafting unique compositions. Once satisfied, venture into the sunlight to reveal stunning cyanotype prints in just minutes. Join us at The Makery's Sunlit Studio and let your imagination shine!
111 Kellogg Plaza AirCare International See a real ambulance and learn how to be prepared for an emergency.
112 Kellogg Plaza I See UV! Do you see the UV? Learn about light (electromagnetic) radiation by making a bracelet or keychains out of UV absorbing pony beads.
113 Kellogg Plaza Sun Safety Protect your skin and learn all about the properties of sunscreen.
Food Kellogg Plaza Starbucks -CSUSM Food Vendor
Food University Student Union Panda, Qdoda, Crashes Café Food Vendors
Food Kellogg Plaza Born in Brooklyn Food Vendor
Food Kellogg Plaza Go Go Truck Food Vendor
Food Kellogg Plaza Mexico City Cuisine Food Vendor
Food Kellogg Plaza Kona Ice Food Vendor
114 Kellogg Plaza Come and Play Chess View demonstrations on an extra large chessboard and then challenge yourself to a game of chess!
115 Kellogg Plaza Roller Coaster Cuzzies Can you construct a roller coaster that will carry a marble from top to bottom?
116 Kellogg Plaza Sky-High Rockets! Design and make a rocket. Then launch it hundreds of feet into the air! Will yours go the distance?
117 Everywhere Brain Games! Keep your eyes peeled and your brain sharp as these roaming scientists ask you to solve tricky puzzles and brain twisters on the spot!