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University Space

Space is a university resource, which is assigned on the basis of programmatic needs and university strategic priorities. Space may be reassigned as needs and priorities change. The following principles are taken into consideration when assigning/reassigning space.

Space Management Principles:

  • Space is a university resource. The physical facilities of the University, including state and non state funded facilities, are an asset to the operations of the campus. The number, type, and condition of University facilities help shape all aspects of campus programs and activities.
  • Space requests are reviewed by Executive Council based upon the following criteria: University Strategic Priorities, Program Requirements, Adequacy of Existing Area, Utilization of Existing Space, Technological Improvements, Environmental and Geographic Considerations, Cost of New Space, and Master Plan Guidelines.
  • Spaces are not permanently assigned. Space is a University property that is allocated in a manner which best advances the University priorities. No unit, department, or division “owns” the space that has been allocated to it. University space resources should be deployed in the most efficient and effective manner to serve programmatic and strategic goals.
  • Space is allocated and may be reassigned by the President to ensure optimal utilization of space and to respond to current and emerging needs and priorities.
  • Space needs and funding for space requests should be considered prior to making commitments to new hires, outside entities, etc…
  • As space is vacated, it has the potential to create the domino effect; therefore, vacated space is allocated back to the campus for strategic reallocation.
  • Funding should be identified in advance of space requests. No state funding is available for renovations to space due to the opening of new facilities.
  • Responsibility for space assignment and reassignment will generally follow division, college and departmental organizational hierarchies.
  • Division Vice Presidents will determine and publish division procedures for governance and requests to filter up to the Vice President.