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Roles and Responsibilities

The President, Executive Council, and Planning, Design, and Construction (PDC) Office roles and responsibilities related to space are outlined below.

President/Executive Council Responsibilities:

  • Development of University space policies and guidelines.
  • Review, analysis, and prioritization of individual requests for space submitted to PDC.
  • Ad hoc studies to improve space efficiencies and maximum space utilization.
  • General policy recommendation on matters of space resource management.
  • Review and approved PDC procedures and forms to implement the space management policies.

Planning, Design and Construction Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance, oversight, updates and improvements to the University‚Äôs space inventory, the central database of space assignments.
  • Routine audits of selected buildings and divisions/units to verify the accuracy of the space inventory.
  • Receiving and analyzing requests for space.
  • Providing cost estimates to departments.
  • Input and analysis regarding space needs in new building construction and major renovations.
  • Space planning and budgeting related to Capital Outlay project phasing and departmental relocations.