Student Administration - Faculty Advisement - Class Schedule

Advisement - Class Schedule - video tutorial - coming soon (Windows Media Player) Required
Advisement - Class Schedule - Word document, with screen shots (767 KB)

The advisement functions in PeopleSoft Faculty Self-service provide you the ability to view many aspects of a student’s academic record. This document provides the steps to view a student’s class schedule.


Log on to your MyCSUSM and Navigating to your Faculty Center

  1. From Faculty Self Service select the Advisement tab.
  2. Click the "New Drop-In Advisees" button
    Note: PeopleSoft does not have faculty tied to students as Advisors, this is why we must use the Drop-In process.
  3. Click the "Search" button to find the student you want to review their schedule.
  4. You can enter the student’s ID number or a combination of their first and last name.
  5. Once you have entered the information select the "Look Up" button.
    Note: Students ID numbers in PeopleSoft are the same as Banner except the @ has been replaced with a 1. Student’s whose IDs started with 00 have not changed.
  6. In the Search Results list, select the student whose class schedule you want to review.
  7. From the "Make a selection and press change" list, select "Class Schedule".
  8. Click the "change" button.
  9. The student’s class schedule is displayed.
  10. Click the "Cancel" button to return to the Advisee section.

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