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Daniel Zorn 750-4499
Finance 9.0 Upgrade Project (for 8.4)
Finance Upgrade Schedule (77 KB Excel file)   Campus Pass Schedule (24 KB Excel file)
CMS Finance Documentation for 8.4    
Department Contact List   Budget Transfer Exercise
Overview to PeopleSoft Finance (PowerPoint)   PPS010 Inquiry and Reports
PeopleSoft Navigation (PowerPoint)   PPS013 OnLine Requisitions
PeopleSoft Finance FAQ's (Word)   PPS015 nVision Fin and HR
Chart of Accounts Design (PowerPoint)   On-Line Requisition Exercises
Chartfields   Inquiry and Reports Exercises
PPS004 ProCard   Running Reports

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CMS Security Form    
Training Information   Training Courses
Pro Card   Trainer: Candie Halstead
    Phone: 760.750.8676

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